What Hiring Managers Wish Candidates Knew

Hiring Managers actually want candidates to be honest! There are too many job applicants that approach the interview as if their only goal is to win the job, losing sight of the fact that it might be the wrong job … Continue reading

Tools to Boost Your Brand

As a Hiring Manager, you must see dozens of innovative “new replacements” for the resume, however, they are not quite ready to replace the standard paper resume. The standard paper resume continues to remain the constant for the job seekers marketing process.  There are … Continue reading

Is Your Remote Team Effective?

Worried about how productive and efficient your telecommuting team members are?  I would be surprised if you actually stated that you are NOT concerned. As a hiring manager, you probably already know there are many advantages to providing a telecommuting … Continue reading

5 Ways to Kill Employee Morale

Making sure the company is running efficiently and effectively is more complicated than hiring qualified clinical research associates and telling them what to do. Having an incredible staff to support and carry out your business’ goals will only get you … Continue reading

How To Write an Attractive Job Description

One of your clinical research associates is moving out of the state, and you are faced with the daunting task of replacing him. You shutter at the idea of having to find a candidate who is as qualified and professional … Continue reading

How to get the most from LinkedIn Groups

We love using LinkedIn as it is an incredible professional networking site. We have found that by connecting with clinical research professionals through the many “linking” avenues offered, we have been able to share our open positions and provide job … Continue reading

5 Tips to Identify a GREAT Recruitment Agency

Although my Mom has a vision of me working in a beautiful boardroom with professionals in suits, the outside world visualizes Recruiters equal to sleazy used car salesmen with hairy chests and gold chains. Right? (no offense to used car … Continue reading

Neglecting Your Job Description Will Cost You

The job description is an often overlooked aspect of the recruitment process. This is unfortunate because having an accurate and attractive job description is the foundation for successfully placing and maintaining a candidate for any given position. Having problems with … Continue reading

Why Your Attrition Rate is So High

Many managers find that they struggle to control their attrition rates. It seems that no matter what they do or who they hire, they have a hard time getting clinical research associates to stick around. Some chalk it up to … Continue reading

Is Hiring Seniority Worth the Money?

When I was growing up, I had this vision of corporate America being a conveyor belt of some kind. You graduate from college and hop on the belt, which symbolizes your career. I thought if you stayed on the belt, … Continue reading