Hiring Managers

If you need assistance with CRA Recruitment, check out our articles which focus on how to attract and hire the highest quality CRA candidates. Areas of concentration include:

  • How to Benchmark a competitive clinical research salary
  • Recruiting tips to improve your clinical recruiting and CRA staffing results
  • How to write an effective Job Description
  • Interview tips, questions and answers
  • How to effectively conduct Behavioral Interviews
  • As well as many other Clinical Research Recruiting Strategies!

If you don’t find what you are looking for in our Hiring Manager section and want to reach out to us directly, please feel free to contact us at recruiting@craresources.com and we will be glad to answer your questions.

What Hiring Managers Wish Candidates Knew

Hiring Managers actually want candidates to be honest! There are too many job applicants that approach the interview as if their only goal is to win the job, losing sight of the fact that it might be the wrong job … Continue reading

Tools to Boost Your Brand

As a Hiring Manager, you must see dozens of innovative “new replacements” for the resume, however, they are not quite ready to replace the standard paper resume. The standard paper resume continues to remain the constant for the job seekers marketing process.  There are … Continue reading

Is Your Remote Team Effective?

Worried about how productive and efficient your telecommuting team members are?  I would be surprised if you actually stated that you are NOT concerned. As a hiring manager, you probably already know there are many advantages to providing a telecommuting … Continue reading

5 Ways to Kill Employee Morale

Making sure the company is running efficiently and effectively is more complicated than hiring qualified clinical research associates and telling them what to do. Having an incredible staff to support and carry out your business’ goals will only get you … Continue reading