How to Handle a Layoff

In this economy, unfortunately layoffs are inevitable.  When a layoff happens, of course you want to ensure you have covered yourself regarding benefits, unemployment, severance, etc. (see a great article on this on However, beyond this initial reaction, what … Continue reading

How Important Is Your Cover Letter?

How important is your cover letter to your interview? The first sentence is extremely important, it should make you want to read the entire thing. Don’t make the mistake of not being prepared. Please read our article How to Write … Continue reading

How to Decline a Job Offer

I believe all of you would agree that the economy is tough…and many job seekers would probably feel lucky to receive any job offer.  But what if you receive a job offer that doesn’t align with your career goals? Or what if … Continue reading

Is Your Remote Team Effective?

Worried about how productive and efficient your telecommuting team members are?  I would be surprised if you actually stated that you are NOT concerned. As a hiring manager, you probably already know there are many advantages to providing a telecommuting … Continue reading