Ten Fatal Interviewing Mistakes

In most situations, the face-to-face interview is the “make or break” point of the hiring process; it is here that hiring managers evaluate the characteristic of the individual that cannot be expressed on paper or through email. The last thing … Continue reading

How To Work With a Recruiter

If you choose to work with recruiters during your job search, it is important to understand the clinical recruitment specialist’s role. Please note that we understand there are many BAD recruiters out there and while we are expecting you to … Continue reading

How the Job Search Has Changed

The job search process, along with everything else it seems, has undergone an enormous amount of change in the last ten years. The growing reliance on the Internet, the growth and expansion of mobile technology, and increased communication channels have … Continue reading

How to Ask for a Raise

Asking for a raise is not as easy as running into your hiring manager at the water cooler and mentioning that you’d like to be paid more for the work you do. Choosing the right time and being prepared can … Continue reading