Benefits of Holding a CRA Certification

While holding a certification in the clinical research field is not required for most positions, it has been our experience clinical research associates who have earned certain certifications find it of enormous benefit. As you likely know, a certification is … Continue reading

Why LinkedIn is Critical for 1099s

LinkedIn, the professional networking site, is replacing the Rolodex in today’s Clinical Research industry. Having a LinkedIn profile is essential for professionals in every industry, but is especially critical for self-employed clinical research associates in Clinical Research. As a 1099, … Continue reading

Leaving your position under “Less than Desirable” circumstances

Perhaps you left your last job without giving a notice, was asked to step down from your position, failed at successfully executing a job role or project, or just simply didn’t get along with your last boss. Should you still … Continue reading

Should you Include Temporary or Short Term Positions on your Resume?

Of all the obstacles resume writers face, how to address the issue of temporary work or short term positions seems to be the most common. Should you list a position you only held for a few months? If you exclude … Continue reading